Swimming and Tubing CLOSED due to Boardwalk Project construction. Kayaking and Tours available daily.

Cruise FAQ

Yes. We have a custom-built lift system where we can lift wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs or mobility devices directly onto our boats with the individual sitting on them. The Native has a section mid-ship specifically designed for wheelchairs and scooters where the companions can sit next to or behind the wheelchair or scooter. The Native’s bathroom is wheelchair accessible as well as a snack bar. We do request when bringing a physically challenged person for the tour you let us know in advance so we can make sure we put you on the Native, which is ADA compliant. We are wheelchair friendly as the bathroom is NOT accessible for wheelchairs.
It varies depending on which parking lot you are in. If you’re in the lower parking lot by the playground in a handicap parking space, the distance is about 200 feet on a paved sidewalk, however if you are parked in the upper parking lot is about a third of a mile. We do offer a free golf cart ride to those folks that don’t feel that they can walk the distance. Please let us know the color, type of the car, and which lot you are in so we can pick you up at your car, when making your reservation on line or by phone and be ready for cart to pick you up at least 30 minutes prior to tour departure.
Yes. Both boats are covered but not enclosed.
Our boats accommodate to 39 to 60 passengers.
Service dogs are allowed – make sure they are wearing their service tags.
Yes. Both boats have toilet facilities but we always recommend using the larger park service bathrooms before going on the trip.
No, there is no minimum required for the tours to operate on the 10:00 a.m. and for the 1:00 p.m. boat. There is a seasonal boat that operates at 3:30 p.m. and that tour requires a minimum of 10 adults or seniors to operate. It is only available during the high season, which is January through April 15. This tour may operate as needed when high passenger loads require that trip to service our guests.
No, however soft drinks and snacks are available for purchase. Sodas are $2.50, water is $2.00, and bagged snacks are $1.50.
Yes. We have many different types of charters available to include specialized tours such as birding, photography and ash scattering, etc. Please call our office at 386-775-0046 to discuss our many options and pricing for the starters.
Yes, as long as it is light to moderate rain and no lightning.
Full refunds as long as the boat has not left the dock. If the boat has already departed the dock and has been out for 1 hour, the tour is considered completed and there will be no refunds.