Hontoon Island State Park is closed until further notice. 


Blue Spring Adventures will design, construct, and operate all buildings and facilities so they are accessible to, and usable by, all people, including those with disabilities to the greatest extent reasonable, in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards.  This means that all new and altered buildings and facilities will comply with appropriate design standards.  It also means that a sufficient number of existing buildings and facilities will be modified to ensure that programs are provided in an accessible location.

Programs and Activities
Blue Spring Adventures will ensure, to the greatest extent feasible, that all people, including persons with disabilities, receive the same program and activity opportunities.  Blue Spring Adventures will take all reasonable steps to ensure effective communication with individuals having hearing and vision impairment or loss by providing appropriate auxiliary aids or alternate formats, in order to afford them the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the benefits of our programs and activities.  Blue Spring Adventures however, is not required to take any actions or provide access that would result in a fundamental alteration to the nature of a program or activity.

Blue Spring Adventures shares responsibility with the Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks to provide employees and visitors with the greatest degree of access to facilities, programs, and services that are reasonable, within the terms of existing contracts and/or agreements.

Requests for Access
Requests or inquiries for access to facilities, programs or activities offered by Blue Spring Adventures may be made to Blue Spring Adventures or to the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Recreation and Parks Accessibility and Inclusion Coordinator at (850) 245-3076 (voice) or 711 (Florida Relay Service).  In the event a request for access to a facility, program or activity is not resolved in a timely or acceptable manner, a complaint may be filed in writing to the Division of Recreation and Parks Accessibility and Inclusion Coordinator and sent to:

Terri Messler, Accessibility and Inclusion Coordinator
Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Recreation and Parks
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, MS 535
Tallahassee, Florida, 32399-3000A complaint may be submitted by telephone to
Terri Messler, Division of Recreation and Parks, Accessibility and Inclusion Coordinator, at (850) 245-3076 (voice) or 711 (Florida Relay Service)